SEED’s public mental health stream works to prevent mental disorder and promote emotional health for all. We work closely with communities to implement monitoring systems and interventions in sustainable ways.

Taking a public health approach to mental disorders

The global burden of disease due to mental disorders is high. In young people, it is a leading cause of disease and disability. Treating individuals with mental disorders as they occur is not enough. Prevention is key.

A public health approach to improving the overall mental health of the population helps to prevent problems before they occur and promote overall mental health and wellbeing.

How our research promotes mental health and prevents mental disorders

SEED’s public mental health stream works in universal prevention of mental disorders and promotion of mental health. This means we work to prevent mental disorders and promote emotional health and wellbeing in the general population.

We work closely with government and communities to implement monitoring systems and interventions in ways that reflect the unique needs of each community. This ensures long-term sustainability of mental health promotion activities.

Our community-based participatory research initiatives are designed to monitor and improve development across the lifecourse and into the next generation.

Our purpose


Bringing together comprehensive monitoring with evidence-based initiatives in ways that can be sustained by communities.


Extending comprehensive monitoring to include clinical indicators that can provide a more detailed picture of mental health difficulties in areas showing population-level problems.


Developing new approaches to bringing researchers and community leaders together in ways that facilitate evidence-informed decision making based in local area master plans.

Our leaders

Primrose Letcher
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