Prof Caeyenberghs’ lab has developed a novel integrative neuroscience/personalised medicine framework (STREAMLINES, Single-subjecT pRofiling of cognitivE impAirMents, affective deficits and associated structuraL braIN alterations) to generate cross-sectional and longitudinal semi-automated profiles of single-subject cognitive/affective measures (Cognitive and Affective Stream), brain imaging measures (Brain Stream), and fluid biomarkers (Bio-stream). The Cognitive and Affective Stream comprises a novel ecological momentary assessment (EMA) mobile app, which repeatedly measures and tracks cognitive functioning and mental health status within a patient’s natural environment over days to weeks to months. Utilizing advanced processing pipelines, the team derive different brain and bio metrics to quantify subject-specific changes (e.g., grey matter integrity, white matter organization, connectome network properties, fluid biomarkers, etc) and locate them relative to a reference healthy cohort. The STREAMLINES platform will enable clinicians to progress from the traditional paradigm of group-based comparisons of patients against controls, to a personalised medicine approach, and it will take us a step closer in the direction of translational integrative research that informs practice.