CAPES is a longitudinal study investigating how prospective (pregnant) and current parents think about child emotions, and how this relates to their parenting and their children’s development.


Elizabeth Westrupp
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Study focus

Emotion regulation refers to the ability to understand emotions and to control their expression. These skills are foundational and underpin lifelong wellbeing and mental health by determining our ability to form and maintain relationships, manage conflict, and navigate the challenges of daily life. Difficulties with emotion regulation are linked to child internalising and externalising problems, and to peer rejection, antisocial behaviour, and suicide attempts in later life.

Sampling frame

Participants were eligible to participate in the current study if they were pregnant with their first child and in the second or third trimester of pregnancy, the partner of a person currently pregnant with their first child and in the second or third trimester of pregnancy; or a current parent of a child aged 0–9 years. Participants were required to be between the ages of 18 years and 65 years, and reside in one of the following English-speaking countries: Australia; New Zealand; UK; Ireland; USA; or Canada. A pilot sample of parents were recruited in 2018, and a second larger sample of parents were recruited in 2019.

Data access

Data collected by CAPES can be accessed by eligible individuals (persons involved in parenting research) on the Australian Data Archive, for participants who provided additional consent to have their data shared for research-related purposes.

Time period

2019 - 2022

Original sample size










Ethics approvals or requirements

Ethics approval was granted by the Deakin University Human Research Ethics Committee (Project: 2018–144, concerning the cohort of prospective/pregnant parents) and the Deakin University Faculty of Health Human Research Ethics Committee (Project: HEAG-H 75_2018, concerning the cohort of current parents). Any protocol modifications will be submitted for approval to the respective committees.

Key references

Westrupp, E. M., Macdonald, J. A., Bennett, C., Havighurst, S., Kehoe, C. E., Foley, D., Berkowitz, T. S., King, G. L. & Youssef, G. J. (2020). The Child and Parent Emotion Study: protocol for a longitudinal study of parent emotion socialisation and child socioemotional development. BMJ open, 10(10), e038124.

King, G. L., Kehoe, C. E., Havighurst, S. S., Youssef, G. J., Macdonald, J. A., Dunsmore, J. C., Berkowitz, T. S., & Westrupp, E. M. (2022). Creation of a Short-Form and Brief Short-Form Version of the Coping With Children’s Negative Emotions Scale. Assessment, 0(0).

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School of Psychology
Faculty of Health, Deakin University

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